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Welcome in eRko!

eRko Gastro Pub is a brand-new concept restaurant, located a stone’s throw from Náměstí Míru.

Our team prepares seasonal meals, uses ingredients from local suppliers ... and likes to create original dishes. "Besides beloved classics such as homemade burgers, you can also enjoy plenty of vegetarian dishes, a variety of tapas, themed, seasonal feasts and occasionally even homemade popsicles." Several times a week, we also feature a live DJ.

And what to wash it all down with?

The choice is yours. Prazdroj from the pre-chilled cellar, unique Únětice 10.7 ° beer straight from a TANK, and of course there is also a wide selection of domestic and foreign wines. If mixed drinks and a dance floor are more your style, then our own Retro Music & Cocktail bar is the spot for you. Or have the final drink of the night right next door, at the legendary Retro Music Hall. But that's up to you. eRko simply never sleeps.

So, stop by!

Are you close by? Take your colleagues or friends and come for lunch.
Here’s what our kitchen team has prepared for you today:

Monday 11. 11.


Kulajda soup   35,-


BEEF WOK with jasmine rice and coriander 140,-

CHICKEN STEAK, beetroot puree, roasted grenaille   130,-


Vegetarian: Mushroom risotto with herbs and parmesan cheese    110

Dessert:  Plum cake with cinnamon and sour cream   50

Tuesday 12.11.

FRENCH BOUILLABAISSA with seafood  35,-

Pork tenderloin in sauce with honey and mustard, potatoes au gratin 140,-

Dill sauce with beef meat and dumplings  130,-

Fusilli with chicken meat in Italian sauce with vegetables   125,-

Vegetarian:  Mushroom risotto with herbs and parmesan cheese   110,-

Dessert:  Plum cake with cinnamon and sour cream   50,-

Wednesday 13.11.

Chickpea soup with curry and coconut milk   35,-

Tuna in teriyaki sauce with mashed potatoes with wasabi   140,-

Spaghetti with dried tomatoes and chicken    130,-

Pork shoulder on carrot with potatoes    125,-

Vegetarian: Mushroom risotto with herbs and parmesan cheese 110  ,-

Dessert:  Plum cake with cinnamon and sour cream   50,-

Thursday 14.11.

Cauliflower soup Du Barry    35,-

BBQ pork ribs, vegetable crudités, toasted bread  140,-

Fried Camembert with potatoes and homemade tartar 135,-

Tarhoňa with Hungarian meat mixture, sauerkraut   130,-

Vegetarian:  Tofu Banh served in a baguette 110,-

Dessert:  Pavlova with strawberries and chocolate 50,-

Friday 15.11.

Garlic soup with potatoes and cheese   35,-

Burger with avocado mayonnaise and fried onion, french fries  140,-

Boar ragout with root vegetables with dumplings    130,-

Leaf salad with duck liver, bacon and croutons   125,-

Vegetarian:  Tofu Banh served in a baguette   110,-

Dessert:  Pavlova with strawberries and chocolate   50,-

* we serve the meat prepared to medium.

Thank you for understanding. 

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A new concept, new team, new menu.
So, come have a taste. We look forward to serving you.

Starters & Soups


BEEF TARTARE on bruschetta, mixed according to our  recipe with marinated shallots and pickled gherkins jelly 215 Czk

PICKLED CAMEMBERT with onion chutney, chilli and home baked bread 95 Czk

BRUSCHETTA WITH MOZZARELLA and tomatoes marinated with anchovy and basil 135 Czk

FRIED PODATO CHIPS with guacamole and tomato salsa 95 Czk

TRADITIONAL PORK TROTTER JELLY with marinated red onion and home baked bread 95 Czk


STRONG OXTAIL BROTH with vegetable and pancake noodles 75 Czk






CAESAR SALAD WITH FARMER´S CHICKEN BREAST,  poached egg, croutons, parmesan cheese and anchovy dressing 185 Czk

ASSORTED GREENS SALAD WITH GOAT CHEESE baked in filo pastry, candied walnuts, honey dressing 185 Czk

GREEK SALAD with feta cheese coated in herbs, red onion, black olives and oregano 175 Czk



Czech classic & Burgers

Tradition Czech with a twist

SLOWLY CONFIT DUCK LEG,  red cabbage with rosemary, potato pancakes 255 Czk

TRADITIONAL GOULASH COOKED ON BEER, fresh horseradish, fried potato gnocchi 215 Czk


All burgers are 170g of matured meat served with  fries and our ketchup.

ERKO - bacon, onoin marmelade, smoked cheese, harrisa mayo, lettuce and tomato 265 Czk

RANCH - smoked bacon, Cheddar, fried onion  and whiskey-BBQ sauce 265 Czk

PIKANT – smoked bacon, gouda cheese, jalapeno salsa, chilli mayo 265 Czk

Main dishes

CHICKEN SUPRÉME, homemade gnocchi with marinated mushrooms, shallot purée 245 Czk

SLOWLY BAKED BEEF BRISKET IN WHISKEY MARINADE, potato mash and coleslaw salad 285 Czk

PORK BELLY ON ASIAN STYLE with baked vegetable and apple purée 255 Czk

SPAGHETTI POMODORO with mozzarella and basil 195 Czk

TAGLIATELLE WITH WILD BOAR RAGOUT, parmigiano cheese and root vegetable 215 Czk



YOGHURT PANNA COTTA with fruit and chammomile syrup 95 Czk

BAKED APPLE CRUMBLE with vanilla ice cream 115 Czk

St. Martins feast



Goose entrails soup with homemade noodles and vegetables





Goose liver pate with red wine reduction

95 Kč


Goose liver in lard with potato pancake

95 Kč


Main course


Slowly baked goose leg with white and red cabbage, potato pancake and bread duumplings

295 Kč




Traditional cake with quark cheese and plum jam

65 Kč

Pictures of our meals

Retro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music Hall

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eRko Gastro Pub

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Opening hours:
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