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We apologize for any inconvenience, for operational reasons we are temporarily closed, thank you for your understanding.

eRko Gastro Pub is a brand-new concept restaurant, located a stone’s throw from Náměstí Míru.

Our team prepares seasonal meals, uses ingredients from local suppliers ... and likes to create original dishes. "Besides beloved classics such as homemade burgers, you can also enjoy plenty of vegetarian dishes, a variety of tapas, themed, seasonal feasts and occasionally even homemade popsicles." Several times a week, we also feature a live DJ.

And what to wash it all down with?

The choice is yours. Prazdroj from the pre-chilled cellar, unique Únětice 10.7 ° beer straight from a TANK, and of course there is also a wide selection of domestic and foreign wines. If mixed drinks and a dance floor are more your style, then our own Retro Music & Cocktail bar is the spot for you. Or have the final drink of the night right next door, at the legendary Retro Music Hall. But that's up to you. eRko simply never sleeps.

So, stop by!

Are you close by? Take your colleagues or friends and come for lunch.
Here’s what our kitchen team has prepared for you today:











VEG - can be prepared also as vegetarian

* we serve the meat prepared to medium.

Thank you for understanding. 

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A new concept, new team, new menu.
So, come have a taste. We look forward to serving you.

Starters & Soups

Beef Tartare mixed according to our recipe

(beef, ground pepper, cumin, mustard and dijon, ketchup, onion, salt, capers, egg yolk and  variation of toasts)

119, -


Smoked pork Tenderloin

(smoked pork tenderloin, lettuce and honey dip with horseradish)

105, -


Chedar Chips

(Our potato chips with cheddar sauce, Pico de gallo salsa and sour cream)

85, -


French Fries au Gratin

(potato chips baked with cheddar cheese, spring onion and chipotle mayonnaise)

85, -


Mexican Bean

(creamy spicy soup with cumin, sour cream and coriander)

55, -





Caesar Salad

(romaine lettuce leaves, anchovy dressing, parmesan cheese, croutons, bacon chips and roasted chicken breast)

195, -


Baked Goat Cheese

(goat cheese, leaf salad variations, cherry tomatoes, herb vinaigrette and croutons)

195, -


Czech classic & Burgers


(our onion bun, premium beef 180g, bacon, cheddar liquid, fresh and pickled vegetables, BBQ and Aioli sauce, pickled shallots served with steak fries, leaf and coleslaw salad.

249, -


Burger "Pork and Portobello"

(our sourdough bun with fried onions, pork neck, grilled portobello, fresh vegetables, Krolewski cheese, Dijon mayonnaise)

185, -


Smoked Bacon Burger

(Our sourdough bun, premium beef, bacon jam, pickled shallots and cucumber, smoked cheese)

205, -


Beef and Chedar Burger

(our sourdough, premium beef, liquid cheddar, Aioli mayonnaise, pressed cucumber, grilled onion and bacon chips)

195, -

Main dishes

Baby Back Ribs from the chop belt

(Slow roasted pork ribs, peeled potatoes with garlic dip, pickled vegetables and Coleslaw salad)

299, -


Slow Roasted Chimichurri Ribs

(Golden roasted pork ribs smeared with traditional Argentinian Chimichurri salsa, served with a variation of fresh vegetables and toasted baguette)

299, -


Spicy Buffalo Wings

(Fried chicken wings marinated in Louisiana chili sauce served with spicy steak fries and blue cheese dip)

189, -


Honey Wings with Sesame

(Fried chicken wings, honey and sesame marinade, spicy steak fries and BBQ whiskey sauce)

189, -


Chicken Quesadilla with Sour cream

(wheat tortilla, shredded chicken with cumin, peppers, onions, jalapenos and cheddar cheese)

159, -


Grilled Chicken Supreme

(chicken breast „supreme“, herbs, leaf salad variations with cherry tomatoes and our plum ketchup)

235, -

Side Dishes


Coleslaw cabbage salad 49, -

Grilled corn on the cob with butter 65, -

Toasted baguette with herb butter 65, -

Baked potato in peel with garlic dip 49, -

Spicy steak fries 49, -

Variations of lettuce with cherry tomatoes and Vinegret 65.-




Honey mustard with horseradish 39, -

Plum ketchup 49, -

BBQ with whiskey 49, -

Sour cream with garlic 39, -

Blue cheese cream dip 39, -

Chipotle mayonnaise 49, -



Chocolate Brownies

(Traditional brownies made from 70% chocolate, salted caramel and vanilla bourbon ice cream)



Apple pie with lemon sour cream

(Butter body, toasted apples and herbs)



Salad with grilled camembert

(variations of lettuce, cherry tomatoes and radishes, vinaigrette, toasted camembert in garlic oil, toasted herb baguette)


165 CZK


Rigatoni alla Puttanesca

(rigatoni pasta, cherry tomatoes, anchovies, capers, black olives, garlic, white wine, chilli, herbs)


170 CZK


Grilled pork T-Bone steak

(250g pork t-bone steak, spicy steak fries, coleslaw salad and Dijon mayonnaise)


185 CZK

Pictures of our meals

Retro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music HallRetro Music Hall

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eRko Gastro Pub

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120 00 Praha 2


Mo - Fr  11-23

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